Peter Niiler Background



Professor of Oceanography
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD


B.S., Lehigh University, Pennsylvannia
Ph.D., Brown University, Rhode Island

Research Interests

  • Measurements of flow and theory of variability of eastern boundary current systems
  • Relationship of heat flux to global SST variability
  • Remote satellite sensing of ocean
  • Lagrangian circulation measurements in mixed layers of the world ocean
  • Response of upper ocean to strong storms
  • Tropical upper ocean circulation


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  • 1999. Wind driven currents in the tropical Pacific. Journal of Physical Oceanography 29(9):2121-2129.
  • 1998. Separation of the Kuroshio water and its penetration onto the continental shelf west of Kyushu. Journal of Geophysical Research 103(C2):2963-2976.
  • 1998. The inertial chimney: The near-inertial energy drainage from the ocean surface to the deep layer. Journal of Geophysical Research 103(C4):7579-7591.
  • 1998. The seasonal heat budget of the North Pacific: Net heat flux and heat storage rates (1950-1990). Journal of Physical Oceanography 28(3):401-421.
  • 1998. The Tropical-Ocean-Global Atmosphere (TOGA) observing system: A decade of progress. Journal of Geophysical Research 103(C7):14,169-14,240.